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Euphoria was born at the beginning of the new millennium in Bassano del Grappa, a centre known all over the world thanks to its refined artisan decor.

Since the early beginnings the company has worked on a national and international level providing luxury contract services addressed to those people who want to be surrounded by beauty and functionality in their living and working spaces.

Euphoria’s identity can find its source in a question: what does luxury decor means?

The answer is experience, professionalism and creativity. Those represent the cornerstones of a work that shapes a multifaceted decor, modelled as a result from client’s aesthetic choices and functional requests.

Custom made decor


As for Euphoria, luxury decor takes on a major value beyond quality and style that are already provided, and focuses on a comprehensive and creative space personalization.

It is like the interweaving of two threads, whereas the former follows the customers wishes while the latter embraces the creativity of our nationally and internationally established designers and architects.

Thanks to this interweaving sophisticated, identifying and unique projects arise.

Uniqueness takes shape from listening and dialogue, then it lands on the project where thanks to style and valuable design, furnishing and complementary defy every living and working space in a totally custom way.

It is from here that sensory experiences are born, they are linked to the beauty that nourishes the gaze, high-quality materials that meet the touch and harmonic-shaped decor that make every space compatible to the taste and life-style of the future owner. 

Furthermore practical experiences are also provided, those are related to the way of living the environments, from the furniture arrangement to the service that every single element can offer every time it is used.

This is nowadays luxury decor according to Euphoria. Decor that needs to realise beauty and functional wishes turning them into active environments as fascinating to admire as useful to live. 

Custom furniture


Euphoria projects, produces and instals custom made furniture both for public and private customers, offering solutions for residential as well as high-end retail, hotellerie, offices and boats such as cruise ships and yachts.

The application field is absolute, from the kitchen to the walk-in closet, from boiserie to doors;  the company provides every single set-up and furniture element from design to installation. 

The main operating mode is the contract, a solution that comprehends every phase: design, creation, installation and after-sale.

The contract signed by Euphoria and is customised in every detail and allows the creation of high-quality luxury furniture , thanks to a meticulous organisation that identifies every single step.

Everything begins from listening, a moment of fascinating exchange and discussion, which is followed by the design, the stage where desires and dreams come into shape, thanks to the work of designers and architects known all over the world that actively cooperate with the company.

The next phase is the production of luxury decor, which represents the most concrete part of the work. In this step Euphoria selects the best construction and decorative materials making use of support from a chosen supplier network.  Together with them the company produces furniture, set-ups and unique lighting systems and decor, all results of the best made in Italy craftsmanship.

Then comes installation, which is often seen as the least important phase in the luxury furniture realisation process, while for Euphoria is extremely valuable considering the fact that from it depends the final result, it guarantees accuracy and  functionality to every custom made design.

The last but not least service linked to luxury decor creation is support, which is also often undervalued, yet Euphoria considers this crucial to offer an all-around contract that can follow professionally step by step the customer paying attention also to the after-sale.

Custom furniture


Euphoria believes in research and study as sources to evolve and to offer innovative luxury furniture design.

The experience of the designers and architects whom the company works with face the future so that the tradition of made in Italy furniture can be enriched with new technologies and new aesthetic lines.

From this synergy, proposals for modern luxury furnishings are born, ready to accompany classical furnishing proposals, for a service that can respond to every aesthetic, stylistic, and material request.

The research, therefore, looks at both the design of individual furniture pieces and the custom-made furnishings as a whole, that is, the design of spaces that, thanks to the most modern innovations in the sector, make the art of living even more refined.


Beyond fashion: for Euphoria, sustainability is the careful search for natural materials, which it has always used in the production of high-quality furniture, especially wood and metal.

Attention is paid to materials of excellent quality that, in certain components, such as wood panels, are chosen in recycled forms because they are suitable for generating and supporting the circular economy’s strength.


Euphoria believes in the best craftsmanship made in Italy.

It is what distinguishes Italy in the world: a craft knowledge passed down through generations, which works with high-quality materials and knows how to combine utility with beauty by vocation.

For this reason, over the years, Euphoria has built and nurtured a supply chain of trusted suppliers, recognizing their value, mastery in processing, attention to detail, ability to bring unique elements to life, and always working with passion in the creation of customized high-end furniture.

Because it is not just about being precise to the millimeter, but about translating the harmony of the project into furniture and accessories as a whole, so the final result goes beyond beauty and gives the material and stylistic balance that distinguishes high-end works.

“In a world where everything seems to be uniform, Euphoria’s custom-made solutions allow you to choose uniqueness, to create environments that reflect your personality, which is the greatest value that can be asked of the world of furnishings today.”

Luxury furniture

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